New World Team is Working on Regional Transfers

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While the New World team is mostly now off for the holidays, there are still pending matters to be addressed in the new year. With the recent slate of server merges that happened over the past few weeks behind us, and more merges and updates to come, pending resolution of certain issues, some are still asking about regional transfers.

The subject of region transfers has been coming up since the beginning, when demand was overwhelming. Amazon doubled the number of servers, promising free transfers later if you started on a lower population server. It was then revealed that the server transfers promised only applied within the same region, but a megathread on the forums with community manager and dev support was made to see if the interest was there for region transfers.

At the beginning of December, that thread was closed with a notice that there could be two possible solutions they could try with regards to regional transfers. Since one of the questions posed to the community was whether they would prefer an option based on speed of delivery or to wait longer but have a more polished option, it became clearer what this might mean heading into 2022.