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Welcome to, we're committed to providing cheap & safe in-game currencies and items for New World - an open world MMO PC game from Amazon Games, ths game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, now you're able to buy cheap new world coins (also named new world gold) here, full stock on all servers - AP SouthEast, SA East, US West, US East and EU Central.

Note: Now the NY Gold delivery method can only be Face-to-Face. After placing the order, we will team up with you to deliver coins, please be sure to stay online in game. And DO NOT return the coins or give coins to anyone who contact you in game after you get it.


New World Player Finds a glitched That Contains Fish

A New World player finds a glitched area in Ebonscale, in the middle of the forest, where players can fish or even drown. This is precisely what the player does, and they even managed...

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New World Team is Working on Regional Transfers

(Buy cheap new world gold at, full stock & fast delivery.) While the New World team is mostly now off for the holidays, there are still pending matters to be address...

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New World Gold Trading Service is Back to Normal!

Dear Customers, Due to a bug in the previous game that caused the game to be maintained, the new world official needs to clear the cheating gold and account.  As of now, our supp...

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